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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Kids have it easy these days

the other day we went to Ruth's school to let some teachers from the high school she's gonna be attending next school year introduce themselves and some of the differences between the two schools. This is obviously a new thing because I never ever went through all this stuff when I went to school.

When I changed school (remember this was a few years ago - 28 to be exact) we got told to go to one of the dinner halls where your name was called out as the teachers announced the classes. Then you went to your registration class and that was you for the morning.

None of this carefully introducing the way the high school works, no going there for two days before you go, having lunch there and meeting all the staff. Nope thrown in at the deep end and told to basically fend for yourself.

How things have changed since my day.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Happy Birthday to me

well it was Yesterday at least (the 13th of Jan.)

We had a quiet day with the kids being at school, and my main present was one of these :

Not got it yet but it will arrive soon enough

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

problems getting in and out of car

ok, most people who might read this know that I'm disabled, I have FSH Muscular Dystrophy and generally its all shite. There are worse version of MD, but the one I have is bad enough to cause me some serious problems.

One thing about MD is that things change all the time, due to the ongoing weakness in the muscles, and this can make life very awkward.

For example I've had to give up various things that mean a great deal to me, like walking, playing snooker, working, breathing unassisted during the night, etc.

Now it looks like I might have to give something else up. You see I'm struggling to get in and out the car. I've always had little problems but just lately these have become worse in a number of ways :

1. Because of breathing problems I have the circulation in my hands sometimes isn't that great. Basically this means that my hands go numb at the fingertips. Not all the time but when they do I lose all feeling in them, then when the blood comes back I get pains in my hands.
2. Transferring into/out of the car is getting harder. I've managed to get stuck a few times getting out the car. If I can't transfer out ok then I'm stuck. I can't afford to hurt myself and have more aches and pains than I already have.
3. When I transfer into the car my breathing is very very bad, so bad in fact that I have to sit for about 5 minutes to let my breathing settle down.

Not sure what to do, so watch this space.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

OU Course

Some of you might know that I'm doing a degree in Psychology through the Open University. The main idea of the OU, for people who don't know, is to do the course as a distance learning course. This seems a really good idea until something goes wrong, like illness or xmas getting in the way.

My course at the moment is Understanding Society, which is a openings course worth 10 points. So far I've passed the first assessment, and I have two more to go (1 TMA and 1 ECA).

I have to say that I've not enjoyed it as much as I thought I would. The course was originally only being done to see if I could manage to study again, which I obviously can, although I do find it hard not having other students to talk to and discuss things. The only outside contact I have is with my Tutor, and while the discussions with him are ok, they only happen about once a month so they don't really help with the feeling of isolation. Maybe being from a mainly computer background I'm struggling with the lack of practical stuff in the course, so far it seems to be mainly taking notes and doing assessments.

Anyway, I've got two more assessments to do so I'll get them done then move onto the next module.

Scary Mother

How scary is Jackie Stallone???

If your mother looked like that would you let her out in public never mind on telly?

Monday, January 10, 2005

So this is a blog then?

hi, and welcome to my new blog.

On here I intend generally just having a bit of a rant about various things, and many even various people. In this case I promise that the innocent will (maybe) be protected, but I'm not promising anything.

Thats all for now, hopefully I'll have more soon.